Start saving today for tomorrow

Are you looking for a fixed rate for a longer term? Or you want to save for rainy days? Or you are interested to earn interest while having convenient access to your money? Bank Name offers a wide variety of option to help you in achieving your plans.

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Simple way to bank

If you use debit cards or cash mostly, our Prime checking account is the best option for you. Having this account allows you to bank whenever and wherever you want because we have extensive online banking features and many convenient ATM locations.

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Find the credit cards that works for you

BankNAME offers a wide range of cards with varying cash, merchandising or travel rewards. Choose the credit card that meets your needs because our cards provide numerous benefits such as low rates, flexibility and instant buying power.

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Choose a flexible and tailored loan

Are you planning to make improvements to your home, consolidate your debts or maybe buy a new car? BankNAME will tailor your loan with competitive rates. We make the application process easy, supporting and guiding you every step of the way.

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Our team consists of real people who answer our phones. We believe that only with real partnership we can build a relationship that lasts.


Our community might be small but we we have always been committed to make our neighbors’ big dreams and plans come true.


Maybe you don’t have the experience but our team has it! They will do everything to help you achieve your financial goals.


Annual meeting set for Q1

Maybe you don’t have the experience but our team has it!

You chose the employee of the month for January

Maybe you don’t have the experience but our team has it!

The new savings options for kids are here

Maybe you don’t have the experience but our team has it!


We are proud to have served our community for almost a century by helping our neighbors fulfill their dreams. The personal relationship with each and every one of our customers is what we value most.

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The mission of BankNAME is to be a local bank that serves customers in ways that exceed their expectations, thereby creating shareholder returns and good employee career opportunities.

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Available 24/7

New technologies have become the core of what we do. We have developed tools that make everyday banking simple and convenient.

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